Auto Insurance

Auto Insurance

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Mandatory Auto Insurance

Driving your car without car insurance is so dangerous it’s illegal. 

Accidents happen no matter how safe you drive. There’s just no way to control what other drivers see and do behind the wheel. Auto insurance protects you and your loved ones when safe driving just isn’t enough.

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Even though it’s legally required in Alberta many drivers still do not have auto insurance. Even more drivers have insurance but not enough to cover all the damage they cause to you and your property.

Protect yourself today

Don’t let someone else’s carelessness cost you any more than it should. Contact Toole Peet Insurance today for your comprehensive Calgary auto insurance quote. With our years of experience and relationships with the top insurance companies in Alberta, we work on your behalf to find the right car insurance for you.

What if your own attention wanders for just a second? That’s all it takes to hit a cyclist, miss a stop sign, or run into another car, someone’s property or, worst of all, another person.

Even if an accident doesn’t look bad, medical care and physical repairs are surprisingly expensive. Automobile insurance from Toole Peet Insurance provides you with:

  • Liability coverage: An injured person requires medical care but also endures pain and suffering and sometimes can’t work during recovery. All of this—plus any property damage—is payable by you as the cause of the accident.

  • Collision coverage: If you cause an accident, chances are your car’s also damaged and repairing that damage will be expensive.

  • Claims Assistance: Your dedicated broker personally responds on your behalf to make sure that everything gets handled properly and that you receive the full benefits of your policy.

An automobile insurance quote from Toole Peet Insurance is no-obligation and will put your mind at rest.

Even when you’re not driving, your car could still be damaged: hailstones or falling tree branches, theft, vandalism, fire, even a runaway shopping cart in the grocery store parking lot.

Toole Peet Insurance Brokers

Our experienced brokers will take the time to explain the coverage and deductibles available. We will help you select the best suited plan to meet your needs at the most competitive premium. Car insurance from Toole Peet Insurance is the smart, safe and affordable way to protect yourself from risks you can’t control.

Get a quote online or call Toole Peet Insurance at 403.245.1177 for your free Calgary car insurance quote. 

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