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As an oil and gas contractor, it is important that you have the appropriate insurance policy in place to be assured that you are protected against the unexpected. There are so many potential liabilities related to the oil and gas industry, standard coverage is not enough to keep you protected. Instead, you need a trusted brokerage like Toole Peet Insurance that will secure your business with the best possible oil and gas insurance policy to meet your specialized needs. Contact Toole Peet Insurance today at 1-403-245-1177 or simply fill out the form above to get your free Oil & Gas Insurance quote.

Types of Oil & Gas Insurance Available

For oil and gas contractors, there are two primary types of coverage for you to consider. These types of specialized oil insurance are off-shore and on-shore general liability coverage. Even though these two coverage types may overlap in some areas, there are certain distinctions that should be noted.

With an on-shore oil and gas insurance policy, you are covered for surveying, drilling and maintenance of your oil rigs and wells that are on dry land. On the other hand, an off-shore policy will ensure you are protected in all of your oil & Gas Operations that are based on the water. The location where you do your work determines the type of policy that you need. A friendly and knowledgeable broker at Toole Peet Insurance will be happy to explain the aspects of each policy type to you so you can make the most informed decision when purchasing your oil insurance.

Another type of coverage that oil and gas contractors often take into consideration for purchase is environmental coverage. Although this type of endorsement is not necessarily considered to be general, it will provide you with protection in the event that any of your oil and gas work results in an accident that causes environmental damage.

Your Toole Peet Insurance Broker will need you to specify the exact type of contractor position you need to cover. This is to make certain that you are matched with the deal policy type whether you are a survey worker, tool operator, cover driller, wire line layer, pipeline transporter or other contractor type.

Oil & Gas Insurance Policy and Coverage Options

An oil and gas contractor with general liability protection is covered from any damage to property or bodily harm that is directly related to the job that they do. Typically, your oil and gas insurance policy will include coverage for personal injuries sustained by a third party, subcontractor or another contractor, property coverage that included surrounding properties, as well as protection against transportation and automobile accidents.

An insurance policy through Toole Peet Insurance is geared toward your specific industry. Our brokers understand the seriousness of the accidents and injuries that may take place within the oil and gas sector. Like with other types of insurance, all you do is pay the premium and regular coverage payments, so if an accident does occur you will receive compensation for any expenses that remain after your deductible is paid up to the limitations that are set in your policy.

The level of coverage that you require will vary depending on your specific needs. Policies carry minimum liability amount and provide the coverage that you need for your particular business. Even if you are not sure which policy is right for you, your Toole Peet representative will work with you to evaluate your business and choose the best coverage options.

Oil & Gas Industry Insurance Coverage That Meets Your Needs

As a contractor in the industry of gas and oil, you need an insurance policy that is going to cover the costs that arise due to any on-the-job accidents. If you are unsure about your exact insurance needs, a Toole Peet Insurance broker is on hand to guide you through all of the steps to set up an oil and gas insurance policy that encompasses all of your coverage needs.

Oil and gas contractors provide a service that is of the greatest necessity. However, the liabilities associated with this industry are just as great. In addition to maintaining the everyday activities of your business, you must also ensure that the goods that you provide are transported, delivered and dispensed in a proper manner. You are also responsible for avoiding the creation of any environmental issues.

At Toole Peet Insurance, we serve to protect oil and gas contractors like you with extensive insurance solutions. Whether you are shopping for general liability coverage, property insurance, vehicle insurance or any other endorsements associated with the work that you do, we will make sure that you, your employees, your customers and your property is adequately protected.

As an oil and gas contractor, you require coverage that goes beyond a basic commercial insurance policy. That is the reason at Toole Peet Insurance we are committed to aiding you in securing the coverage package that meets the specialized needs or your business. It does not matter if your job is making deliveries to businesses and homes or supplying service stations, Toole Peet Insurance has the oil and gas insurance solution that is right for you. Do not go another minute without adequate protection. Complete the above fast and simple quote request to get started building your ideal policy today before it is too late.

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