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Non-Profit Insurance

As a non-profit organization, you are providing an important contribution to society. Therefore, it is vital that you take the necessary measures to make absolutely certain that you fully protected your association from the impact of a claim against it, your directors, employees and volunteers.

Non-profit groups such as yours work with volunteers to provide valuable mentorship programs, organized sports, special services and many other types of aid that benefit the people who need them most. However, these organizations are faced with specialized risks and require adequate not-for-profit insurance to manage such risks.

Get the benefit of dealing with Toole Peet Insurance, which has specialists on staff that can assist your organization with non-profit insurance that includes:

  • Liability insurance

  • Property insurance

  • Crime insurance, including dishonesty coverage.

  • Directors and Officers Liability insurance

  • Professional Liability insurance

  • Accident insurance

You do not have to be concerned about the costs associated with acquiring the protection that you need. A customized non-profit insurance program through Toole Peet Insurance means that you only pay for the protection that your organization needs.  Contact Toole Peet Insurance at 1-403-245-1177 or simply fill out the form above to get your Non-Profit Insurance quote started today!

Non-Profit General Liability Insurance for Alberta

General liability is an element of non-profit insurance that is necessary to protect your organization when a claim is made against you for damages to a person or property for which you are found to be responsible. This type of coverage is essential for not-for-profit organizations and your Toole Peet Insurance representative will help you determine the exact amount of liability coverage you need.

Your general liability policy covers the cost of defense and security if the judgment of a court case is not ruled in your favour. If your organization works with a population that is claims oriented or particularly fragile, the defense facet of the liability endorsement on your non-profit organization insurance is essential. The legal defense costs in a frivolous claim can be enough to completely destroy your non-profit organization. However, with the protection of a quality Alberta non-for-profit insurance policy in place makes it possible to defend against such claims.

In most cases, if you lease the property that is used by your organization, the landowner will require you to obtain liability insurance. In addition, event organizers and venues will also usually require that you have some form of liability insurance. That means that if your organization ever hosts events that may require the use of a pavilion, office space, athletic field or other space for any number of activities, it is incredibly important that you have the proper liability insurance in your not-for-profit insurance policy.

Non-Profit Automobile Insurance for Alberta

Often times, employees and volunteers will use their personal vehicles when performing services for the non-profit organization. In some cases, the organization is required to rent the necessary automobiles. Non-owned or hired automobile coverage is typically a necessary element of non-profit insurance. This will ensure that your organization is protected against claims made due to an accident that involves an automobile that is rented or owned by one of the volunteers or employees.

If your non-profit organization owns a vehicle, especially one that is used to transport people, you need to include this type of coverage on your non-profit organization insurance policy. It is crucial that you do not rely on personal auto insurance because it does not cover damages that are caused while driving to perform duties related to the organization.

It is important to note that a personal automobile insurance policy does not cover anyone that is transported for hire, even though the term ‘for hire’ does not always mean that payment is received. In this case, it simply means that the policy is only meant to provide coverage for the primary driver and accompanying passengers.

People that are transported for organizational purposes, such as seniors taken to doctor appointments, children taken to daycare, etc., are not covered by a personal auto insurance policy.

Non-Profit Property Insurance

This type of coverage protects the property that the organization owns, such as buildings, from loss or damage. In addition, files, computers, records and other property belonging to the organization may also be covered. This means that your organization does not have to have a physical location to require property insurance. Your Toole Peet Insurance broker will be able to explain exactly what can be covered under your property insurance policy.

D&O Insurance

Directors and officers insurance is necessary to protect an organizations management team against claims of improper action. These members of the organization are not immune from lawsuits. If your organization has employees, then you definitely need to include this type of coverage in your non-profit insurance policy.

There is no reason not to get started with the creation of a comprehensive Alberta non-profit organization insurance policy right away. In fact, the longer that you wait the longer your association is left vulnerable. Do not further delay dealing with the specialists at Toole Peet Insurance that can identify your exposure and are willing to work with you to develop an ideal insurance program that addresses your specific needs. You can get a no-risk quote right away. Simply fill out the short quote form and one of our specialists will contact you soon.

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