Contractors Insurance

Contractors Insurance

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Contractors Insurance

As a contractor, each job you win brings in extra money but it also brings extra risk. The same contractors insurance that protected you for a one-man project may not protect you during your new multi-year commercial deal.

You know that insurance is vital to all aspects of your business as a contractor–it can literally keep you in business when accidents occur.

The list of coverage areas that need to be addressed in your contractors insurance include:

  • Liability

  • Surety Bonds

  • Disability

  • Trucks and other commercial vehicles

  • Contingent Employers Liability

If your contractors insurance for Alberta businesses misses any one aspect of this protection, your job and your company will be at risk.

Price is always a concern for contractors but with a custom contractors insurance policy, you are in control of what types and amounts of coverage you that want to pay for. It can be surprisingly affordable.

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