At Toole Peet Insurance, we understand the business of amateur sport and the risks that are associated with it. When it comes to amateur sport league insurance in Alberta, the emphasis is on liability for bodily injury. The reason for this is that the consequences of an injury can be quite severe. In addition, there is also the opportunity for frequency when you take into consideration the number of Canadians that take part in various sports at levels that range from recreational to competitive.

Awareness and risk identification is the all important first step in the process of purchasing the right amateur sports insurance package to meet your needs. Although we may not be an expert in your particular sport, we do understand the risks and we are will to do all that we can to help you manage them.

A few examples of liability risk for amateur sports include:

  • Allegations of fraud or misrepresentation
  • Directors and officers
  • Errors and omissions
  • Automobiles, which included vehicles that are personally driven, as well as those that are driven by employees or volunteers while they are working within the scope of their duties
  • Employee dishonesty and crime
  • Bodily injury liability, which include the spectators as well as those participating in the sport
  • Property damage liability
  • Personal injury, which includes libel, slander, invasion of privacy and wrongful eviction
  • Privacy breaches and identity theft
  • Molestation and abuse
  • Contractual liability
  • Work done by others, such as employees and sub-contractors
  • Employers liability for injuries sustained by employees
  • Liability that arises out of the use of non-owned automobiles
  • Liability assumed under a contract
  • Employment practices liability, which includes wrongful dismissal, discrimination, abuse or harassment
  • Host liquor liability for events where alcohol is served
  • Extra expense insurance
  • Loss of business income

A Toole Peet Insurance representative will take the time to listen to you in order to identify the specific risk level that is associated with your particular sport. We feel that the only way to provide each of our clients with the ideal amateur sports league insurance is to have a complete understanding of their sport. Therefore, we take the time to get to know you so we can offer you the protection that best matches your specific needs.

Amateur Sports Insurance Program Highlights

Toole Peet Insurance offer a wide array of comprehensive amateur sports league insurance options. Because we specialize in coverage associated with amateur sports, our team members have the experience and knowledge to make sure that your organization as well as all of its members is adequately protected.

  • General liability insurance with injury to participants coverage provides you with protection against civil claims, such as the cost of defense when your organization is found legally responsible for payment to another organization or individual. This type of coverage includes allegations of personal injury, bodily injury and property damage.
  • Sports accident insurance including excess travel medical will reimburse your organization for the cost of medical expenses for a participant that is accidentally injured while taking part in activities that are covered in your amateur sport insurance policy.
  • Excess liability insurance included in your policy will provide you with additional limits of liability in case your organization exceeds the primary limits that are provided on your underlying general liability insurance policy.
  • Directors and officers liability or association liability is designed to protect your organization and others who have made the decision to champion your cause. Directors and officers have to be prepared for unexpected events that may not be covered by the general liability policy. This coverage will protect the directors and officers of your organization against claims that arise from allegations or acts of harassment, discrimination, etc.

Property Insurance

As an amateur sports organization, you need to protect the personal property of your business, such as athletic equipment, computers and furniture, from loss that results due to theft, fire vandalism or other causes that are covered in your amateur sport league insurance policy. Coverage may be extended to include athletic equipment that is stored offsite in a commercial storage building or at the athletic field.

Coverage under this endorsement on your amateur sports insurance policy includes:

  • Real property – physical buildings, whether they are owned by the organization or not
  • Personal property – this includes personal property that is at or away from the premises that you control, own or rent
  • Pro-shop inventory
  • Office equipment and computers
  • Gym equipment
  • Tenant improvements and betterments
  • Money – crime and employee dishonesty

Our Toole Peet Insurance representatives can also consult on employee benefits programs for your nonprofit association or business. In order to learn more contact us for your initial consultation today. Do not host another event until your organization is properly covered. Submit the quote form now; it only takes a minute to be on your way to adequate protection with quality amateur sports insurance in Alberta through Toole Peet Insurance.