24 Hour Claims Reporting 1-888-838-6653

Whether you require assistance, advice, need to report a claim, or simply need help through this process, we are here for you through this difficult time.  We are confident in our insurance companies and they have assigned excellent catastrophe teams. Representatives are on standby and will soon be able to assist you, when the authorities indicate it is safe to do so.  Insurance companies have extended their business hours to accommodate any influx of calls.  They are available 24/7 to help, should you require assistance.

We would like to remind you to save all receipts associated with any reasonable expenses incurred related to your dislocation including: fuel, meals, transportation and accommodation costs.

For updates, wildfire information or if you’re trying to find a loved one stay tuned to local media stations for updates or call the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo for wildfire information at 1.780.762.3636.

For more information about wildfires in Alberta, please refer to the Government of Alberta’s wildfire information page.  The Canadian government also has many useful tips for people to consider if they may be facing a wildfire approaching their community and/or an evacuation. Please share this link when possible.

The Canadian Red Cross has released the Be Ready App, available on the App Store and Google Play.  It will alert you about weather conditions and other emergency situations and how to prepare yourself and your home before and after emergencies.  To make a donation to the Red Cross, “click here