Existing Client Service

Existing Client Service

Toole Peet Insurance offers value added client services to our existing clients. Please click the page for the services specific to your organization.  Please let us know if there is anything else we can do to provide the best possible service. Read more for some of the things we can do for our clients that you might not expect from your Broker

Strength in Numbers

Are you part of an organization, group or association? If you are Toole Peet Insurance can create a customized insurance program for your group that will have customized coverages and limits that fit your organization.  Contact one of our group specialists today!

Client Pages

Visit the page dedicated to your Group or association. Visit the contact us portion of your groups page to request any additional resources or to report anything required by your group.


The RealProSure Program is the most comprehensive Insurance for Real Estate professionals available in the market today. Purchase a policy online or manage your insurance today.

Federation of Calgary Comminites

The Federation of Calgary Communities has relied on Toole Peet Insurance to continually broaden their insurance program since 2007. Visit our page dedicated to members of the program. 

Yoga Association of Alberta

Visit our online insurance application for program details and rates. YAA members with approved certifications and 2 year experience may apply.  Apply Today!

NSA Insurance Program

Visit  our page dedicated to the NSA program to see the online services available such as Certificates of Insurance and applications for Liquor Liability for those year end wind ups ! 

C-NRPP Insurance Program

Toole Peet Insurance has partnered with the C-NRPP to create an insurance program for their members. Click to apply online today.

Empire Banquet Hall

Visit our online insurance application for Event Liability specifically dedicated to clients of Empire Banquet Hall

Homes by Avi

Homes by Avi is relentless in their program of unprecedented service for purchasers of their Homes. Toole Peet Insurance is offering discounted Home and Auto Insurance rates to Home owners that qualify.  SAVE up to 15% on Home and 20% on Auto.

Residential Support Contractors

The Toole Peet Social Services Residential Contractors Insurance program protects you, and satisfies your contractual obligations with the agencies you work with. The program offers Commercial General Liability policy tailored to care operations.

New Horizon Mall

Visit our page dedicated to owners at the New Horizon Mall. Manage your Insurance and find resources for your tenants to obtain insurance.

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