Pay Invoice

Accepting Payments for Direct bill through CSR24

If your brokerage is interested in accepting payments through CSR 24 you will need to set up a bluefin account.  If you have another payment page or details page you want to have for the payment button this will need to be communicated to the Navacord EPIC team.  below is how to get started with blue fin.

The first step to getting this set up is to fill in the contact form on the applied bluefin site. It is just a contact details form, however the contact will probably need to be a member of the staff that deals with accounting.   click the link below to start filling in the application

I am all set up with Bluefin – now what ?

Contact the Navacord EPIC team and provide the following details:

1. The account ID and API access key provided by Bluefin

2. Advise the percentage of transaction or fee to be charged for paying with credit card – ask the EPIC team for advice on this if needed