Issue Pink Card

Select a vehicle to go through the process to issue your own pink card as an insured

  • Select Vehicle
  • Vehicle Details

After Selecting a vehicle the insured will be presented with the details of this vehicle. If the info is incorrect they can select change registration at the bottom to submit a request for changing the details. they will get a thank you email and a confirmation will go to them and the service team. Scroll  to click continue to go through the process as an insured to get a pink card.

The insured will enter the details on how they want their pink card delivered and enter their own message.  Click issue pink card to see what happens when they issue.

Insured will get a Thank you request submitted screen and an email will be sent to them with their pink card attached.  The Service team will also get an email to advise and an activity will be added to EPIC and will be set to Closed.