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Course of Construction Insurance

Given the complex and specialized nature of modern-day construction projects, it is imperative that businesses involved with such projects speak with their insurance broker to make sure that they have the proper insurance coverages in place. Doing so will help protect their bottom lines and provide peace of mind. Toole Peet Insurance has construction Insurance expertise as well as bonding expertise to ensure that your company is protected.  We also offer risk management guides and techniques to help manage your risk and prevent claims before they happen. 

Course of Construction or Builders Risk Insurance policies are issued on a per project basis or on a blanket basis depending on the size of the contractor.   Toole Peet Insurance are experts in placing Builders Risk policies with the right coverage at the best price depending on your needs.  It is important to understand the exclusions, limitations and warranties contained in your policy as it can limit, exclude or even Void coverage.

Commercial General Liability

Nearly all construction contracts require businesses participating in a job to carry commercial general liability (CGL) insurance. The primary purpose of CGL insurance is to protect the insured party if a job site accident causes property damage, bodily injury or personal injury to a third party. In the event of a claim, CGL insurance covers the insured party’s legal obligation to pay compensatory damages to third parties. It is important to also ensure that any of the sub-trades that you do business with are properly covered.  Click contact us to find out about creating an insurance program for all of your sub-trades. Let Toole Peet do the work and ensure that you are only working with Sub-trades that are properly insured. 

For example, if a worker drops a piece of equipment, injuring a bystander or damaging a bystander’s property, any claim from the bystander against the business would be covered by the business’s CGL policy. It should be noted that as a liability policy, CGL insurance will not cover damage to the insured’s own products, property and work.  

Builders Risk Insurance

The majority of construction contracts also require parties to purchase and maintain property insurance that protects their work in progress and certain materials for the duration of the project. This type of property insurance is referred to as builders risk insurance.

Under a typical builders risk policy, the insurer agrees to pay for direct physical loss or damage to the covered property during the course of construction, unless the loss is subject to an exclusion. Covered property usually includes the building or structure under construction, as well as machinery, equipment, materials and supplies that will become a part of the improvement.

Builders risk policies generally stay in effect while a project or structure is being built and expire when construction is completed or when the project is first used or occupied. In contrast to CGL insurance, builders risk insurance offers first-party coverage. First-party coverage protects the insured against damage to its own property, not for the claims of a third party.

Wrap up Liability Insurance

As an alternative to having each party obtain separate liability policies, project owners and general contractors can turn to a wrap-up insurance program to manage risks.

Sometimes referred to as controlled insurance programs, wrap-up insurance programs are centralized insurance and loss control programs intended to protect the project owner, general contractor and subcontractors under a single insurance policy or set of policies for the construction project.

Wrap-up policies are typically placed for a term encompassing the period of construction of a project, plus an additional number of years after completion to deal with any issues arising during the warranty period

Professional Liability Insurance

Professional liability coverage differs from CGL and builders risk insurance in a number of ways. Professional liability policies do not require bodily injury or property damage to trigger coverage. While those damages are covered, professional liability insurance may also cover some nonphysical and economic damages caused by design errors and any resulting delays.

Other Construction Insurance

Crime, Pollution, Equipment Breakdown, Contractors equipment and bonding are all coverages that could help protect your risk in the construction industry.  Complete the ask a broker form or call us at 403-245-1177 today to speak with a broker specializing in the construction industry.  

Risk Management Resources

As your commercial insurance broker we are here to help manage your risk. We have added a selection of risk management tools to help assess your risk for this featured coverage as well as to help implement techniques to help manage your risk and prevent claims from happening in the first place.  This is only a small selection of items that we have available to our business clients so if you do not see something please contact us.  To request a resource that you do not see please click contact us so we can work on getting what you need to help manage your risk.

Download or Request a resource for Construction Insurance

Employee Safety Manual

Click to downloadAn Employee Safety Manual for those in the construction industry featuring safety policies and procedures that support a safety-conscious work environment. Prevent claims before they happen.

Site Safety Checklist

Download a checklist that provides some of the most commonly found hazards on construction sites.

Certificate Request for Sub-Trades

Download a request form to request proof of insurance from your sub-trades.

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