5 Home Insurance Discounts

Are you getting all of discounts you qualify for?

Talking to your broker can uncover some opportunities to get a discount on your home insurance. Savings can translate to a safer home with a better price for Insurance.  Contact your broker today to make sure your are getting all of the discounts you qualify for.

BACK FLOW VALVE  Most insurers will offer a discount on if you install a backflow valve in your home.  A backflow valve can prevent wastewater backups, particularly from a public sewer.  Most Insurance companies will offer a discount for having a backflow valve as well as some claim incentives as well.

MONITORED BURGLAR ALARM This is the best way to protect  your home against break ins as the alarm is monitored by a service that can notify you when the alarm is set off. Most Insurers will offer a discount if you have a monitored alarm installed.

CREDIT CONSENT – SOFT HIT Insurance companies are now asking for consent to pull a “soft hit” on your credit score. The best score of all applicants is taken and cannot affect the price of your insurance in a negative way. A soft hit on your credit does not impact your credit in a bad way and can offer significant discounts on your Insurance.

POLICY BUNDLING Placing your home and auto policy with the same insurance carrier can offer multi policy discounts. If you have your home and auto at a different insurer talk to your broker to see if this is an option for you.

INCREASE YOUR DEDUCTIBLE Increasing your deductible can be an effective way to save money on your Home Insurance. Sometimes a small claim is not worth losing the claim free discount on your policy so having a deductible that is a little higher will save you money considering you probably wouldn’t want to make a small claim anyhow. Always contact your broker and ask if it is a good idea to make a claim.