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We've Partnered with Navacord

Better together:

We’ve always delivered value with service excellence and
customized coverage, but now, by partnering with Navacord,
our boutique brokerage can offer more diverse products,
more sector expertise, and more carrier access without
compromising our identity. By blending Navacord’s national
reach, strength, and security with our local relationships
and knowledge, we are able to optimize value for you.

Who is Navacord

Navacord is a leading insurance and risk management brokerage created to keep the Canadian entrepreneurial spirit alive. Led by a passionate and engaged partnership group, Navacord is committed to the success of its clients and delivering expert advice in an increasingly complex world, allowing clients to face the future with confidence. Navacord is entrepreneurial and creative—which is why it seeks out partnerships with local, independent brokerages like ours.

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The reason for our partnership

Partnering with Navacord makes our brokerage better. With Navacord’s support, we can increase our sector knowledge and expand our product offerings without losing what makes our brokerage unique. This means we’re able to deliver a more diverse service offering, greater support, and more creative insurance solutions to you. Our partnership with Navacord is the best of both worlds—our local touch backed by their national strength.

Our Partnership with Navacord

This partnership gives us an incomparable breadth of expertise and access to an immense national network. We have the full support of Navacord’s weight, but we haven’t lost our personal touch, autonomy, or the way we do business—rather, each partner brings its own industry prowess into the fold, making Navacord an insurance expert. We have a big reach, while maintaining our local approach—we are better together.

Local Touch.
We will maintain our local approach
National Strength.
We will have bigger reach.
Better together.
We have a big reach, while maintaining our local approach—we are better together.

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Local Touch. National Strength