If you run a business from home, you need a Home Based Business package added to your personal policy.

Your personal policy has limited coverage for the items you use to operate your business. A Home Based Business package protects your business assets. The Home Based Business package also provides necessary and affordable liability coverage that is not included in your personal policy.

Every property insurance policy has exclusions and they are found in your policy wording often titled Loss or Damage Not Insured. We would like to point out the following exclusion:

We do not insure buildings, units or detached private structures used in whole or in part for business or farming purposes unless declared on the “Declaration Page”.

Examples of business that can be covered are:

  • Book keeping/Accounting
  • Cosmetic Sales (Avon, Mary Kay)
  • Jewellery Sales
  • Catalog Sales (Clothing)
  • Crafts
  • Kitchen Supplies (Tupperware)

Protect yourself, contact us today for professional advice on coverage and costs.