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Moving is stressful enough - new job, new house, new car - and all of these things likely need to be insured.  

Here at Toole Peet insurance we will start you off with a dedicated insurance expert who will do an in-depth assessment of your current insurance needs.  We will work with you individually to  make sure your insurance coverage is the easiest part of your move to our beautiful Provence of Alberta, Canada.

At Toole Peet Insurance Our Brokers do the searching so you don’t have to!

We represent numerous insurance companies, which means you will have a choice in coverage and cost.

We review all discounts that you may qualify for,  to ensure we offer you our most  competitive premium that suits your insurance needs.

We understand the importance of when  a claim happens and  offer a 24 hour emergency claims service. 

We offer exceptional service which includes claims advice when you have a claim and advice on how a claim may  affect future premiums.

We offer numerous payment options offering flexibility.


We realize buying or leasing a car and finding insurance as an Expat can be challenging!

Canadian auto insurance rates are determined by two things, your driving record and your claims history- both of which can be challenging to prove when new to Canada.

We will work with you every step of the way to make sure that you understand what paperwork needs to be in place to ensure the most competitive premium when you arrive!