Canada Post has notified the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) that it will be changing the terms and conditions of employment for all employees represented by the union starting Friday, July 8, 2016. Toole Peet has prepared a contingency plan to get your insurance documentation to you via electronic methods.  We will make alternate arrangements as required however most documents regularly sent by Canada Post will be sent via email. If you do not have email on file with us we will contact you via telephone to make alternate arrangements. 

While many insurers have contingency plans in place, It is important to know that Insurance premiums are still payable during the strike and non-payment of premiums may result in a cancellation or lapse of your coverage.  Toole Peet recommends making payments to your insurer through online banking, or via the insurers website payment portals.  Toole Peet Insurance accepts payments via online banking as well. If you cannot make payment using these methods please call us at 403-245-1177 and ask to speak with your broker. We will do our best to help make arrangements to accept your payment for your Insurance Policy 

How to Add Toole Peet Insurance or your Insurer to your Online Banking

1. Log on to your online banking and click pay bills. This could look different for the various banks but will be generally easy to identify. 

2. Click add a payee, or manage payees. Again this might be different for each bank but should be easily identifiable. 

3. There will be a search box to search the company you need to add for Toole Peet Search Toole Peet Insurance and then click add or accept to start entering details.  For other insurers simply search their name and click add or accept to add them to your list of payees. 

4. Your will need to add an account number in order to pay your bill. Toole Peet uses the client code which will be indicated on your Invoice. it is a combination of letters and numbers (use no dashes or spaces) if you need to confirm your client code please call us at 403-245-1177

5. Insurers use the policy number to identify the bill to pay, this will be included on your policy documents or invoicing statement.  The bank will also show an example of the policy number and will advise the method to enter it correctly.

We are here to Help!

Please contact us at 403-245-1177 should you have any questions or concerns about receiving your documents or making your payment. We will do our best to make arrangements for document pick up and can assist with payment instructions. 

How will the Strike affect me for things other than Insurance?

The CBC has published a very helpful article on what you can do in many scenarios during the strike HERE